Step 5: Acquisition Strategy


5.1 Develop business case and preliminary acquisition strategy
5.1.1 Review market research for suitable existing contract
5.1.2 Determine if existing contract can be used or new contract is required
5.1.3 Determine who will provide performance oversight if outside contract is used
5.1.4 Develop preliminary business case
5.1.5 Identify meaningful measures to judge strategic success
5.1.6 Validate preliminary business case and acquisition strategy with stakeholders
5.2 Finalize Acquisition Strategy
5.2.1 Apply the contract-type order of precedence to best achieve performance results
5.2.2 Identify if incentive-type contracts would contribute to performance results (CON 7600: Introduction to Incentive Contracting)
5.2.3 Consider other incentive tools
5.2.4 Recognize the power of competition to reduce costs and improve performance
5.2.5 Consider Interagency Acquisition/Fair opportunity/Multiple award contracts (CLC 030: Essentials of Interagency Acquisitions/Fair Opportunity)
5.2.6 Determine how best to promote Small Business participation (DD Form 2579, Small Business Coordination Record)
5.3 Allocate workload within the team to ensure you have the resources required to support the acquisition
5.3.1 Communicate workload responsibilities based on the new strategy
5.4 Prepare Acquisition Planning Documents
5.4.1 Develop Acquisition Plan
5.4.2 Develop Source Selection Plan
5.4.3 Identify key evaluation factors and standards in Technical Evaluation Plan
5.4.4 Develop Section L&M of RFP
5.4.5 Include past performance in evaluation and conduct due diligence
5.4.6 Identify any additional personnel required for source selection team
5.4.7 Obtain Acquisition Strategy and Source Selection Plan Approvals
5.4.8 Obtain higher HQ or OSD Approval, if required based on dollar value
5.5 Consider use of Draft RFP