Certification Eligibility Tool

This tool is for informational purposes only. DAU does not establish certification standards nor does it certify the acquisition workforce. Refer to your Service/Agency Director of Acquisition Career/Talent Management (DACM/DATM) website for details on certification.
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The Department of Defense is modernizing its implementation of Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA). The new framework consolidates multiple career fields into several Functional Areas. As a result, your position requirement may change. Consult with your supervisor about possible coding changes for your position. DAWIA certifications you have achieved may be retained in your acquisition personnel record. We recommend you keep copies of all certifications.

Answer the prompts below to see how your DAWIA certifications may transition into the new framework.

  1. Career Field

    Select the Career Field in which you're currently certified.

  2. Certification Level

    Select the highest level DAWIA certification you've attained in your Career Field.

  3. Experience

    Select the current level of the experience you possess in your Career Field.